Sigma Delta Pi

Week 5 – September 25


This week for International Coffee Day on September 29 we played music in Spanish about coffee. We started off the hour with some music from the coffee lands of Latin America, then we moved into some music that was explicitly about coffee or at least mentioned coffee.

One of our members, Lauren, spoke about her experience with coffee in Colombia. Here’s what she had to say:

Coffee was definitely a big part of the people’s lives in Colombia. Several times a week, the young couple I lived with in Bogota would say “quieres tomar café con nosotros?” These times consisted of dipping bread in our café (coffee with milk and sugar) and socializing. The church services that I went to were prolonged by a “tinta break” (tinta was coffee without milk or sugar) to socialize in the middle of the service. But you know, coffee is also a big part of many people’s lives here in the US, so it kinda made me feel at home! I think a difference might be that in the US, coffee’s frequently used as a caffeine fix or a warm drink that we can brew fast in their our personal coffee pot or that we can pick up through the Starbucks drive through on the way to work. Whereas my experiences in Colombia drinking coffee were ways to bond with people more than get caffeine which makes me think back on those times with warm memories.

This was our playlist for the week:

Claudio Gómez – Soltarlo

Marta Gómez – La ronda

Juan Carlos – Este son

Julian Ávalos – Guajira bonita

Juan Luis Guerra – Ojalá que llueva café

Ricardo Arjona – Sólo quería un café

Los gallos – Maria Marisol

Bola de Nieve – Mamá Inés

Los Aspon – Fue en un Café – Under the Boardwalk

Pastora – Una ducha y un café

Ray Barretto – Café con leche

María Volonte – El último café

Xiomara Laugart – Moliendo café

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – Azuquita Pa’l Café