Sigma Delta Pi

How to Become a Member

Rho Rho usually holds initiation ceremonies in both the fall and the spring semesters. Immediately after the mid-term break, the adviser requests nominations for membership in Sigma Delta Pi from the Spanish faculty.

Students may also contact the chapter advisor and request personally to be considered for membership.

The advisor then submits the list of candidates to the Registrar’s Office to verify that the class rank requirement of upper 35% of the student’s class has been met. A letter is then delivered to each candidate, inviting him/her to submit a “display” version of the transcript to the advisor so that fulfillment of the other requirements can be verified.

Submission of the transcript, along with the initiation fee, signifies that the student will be initiated into the society if all requirements are met. In the event that they are not met, the initiation fee will be returned. Upon verification of all requirements for membership, the advisor will present the names of candidates at a meeting of the active members. At that time the list will be approved unless evidence is presented that the candidate is not eligible for membership. This may occur 1) if “the academic records upon which a given persons’ election to membership is based are false or erroneous” or 2) the candidate “has been convicted by a court of law for a felony or by proper college authorities of some serious infraction, such as plagiarism or cheating”. (Sigma Delta Pi Chapter Advisor Handbook, 2nd ed.)

The president will then send each qualifying candidate a congratulatory letter in which details of the initiation ceremony and banquet are explained.

No candidate may become a member without attending the ceremony, and none may be initiated by proxy.