Sigma Delta Pi


Truman State University
September 6, 2015

Constitution of Sigma Delta Pi
(National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society)
Chapter Rho Rho

    The name of the organization shall be Sigma Delta Pi.
    The purposes of this organization are:

A.        To honor those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and culture of the Spanish speaking peoples;

B.        To honor those who have made the Hispanic contributions to modern literature better known in the English-speaking world;

C.        To encourage college and university students to acquire a great interest in and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture;

D.        To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech;

E.         To serve its membership in ways which will contribute to the attainment of the goals and ideals of the society.

    In accordance with the national by-laws, membership selection shall be based on: (1) the scholastic or professional record of the candidate; (2) the distinction the candidate has achieved in the field of Hispanic Studies; (3) the candidate’s demonstrated support of the goals and ideals of the society; and (4) the character of the candidate.

The following shall be the types of membership:

A.        Active Members

1.         Nominations by faculty members of individuals of undergraduate status shall meet the following additional standards:

a.         Each must have completed three years of study of college level Spanish (eighteen semester credit hours) or the equivalent thereof, including at least three semester hours of a course in Hispanic literature at the junior (third year) level.

b.         The candidate for active membership must have a minimal grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all Spanish courses taken.

c.         The candidate must rank in the upper 35 percent of his/her class– sophomore, junior, or senior–and must have completed at least three semesters or 5 quarters of college work.

d.         A student may be admitted to active membership while still enrolled in the required Hispanic literature course (see a. above) if all other requirements have been met and if the instructor of the course certifies that the student’s work is of “B” or “A” quality.

                        2.         Active Members of Good Standing

All members are active members for life, provided that they are in compliance with the national requirements. However, participation within the chapter shall be taken into consideration for recognitions, such as the receiving of honor cords for graduation.

Rho Rho’s requirements for good standing shall be:

a.         To pay each semester’s dues, as determined by the executive officers and the chapter advisor;

b.         To attend chapter meetings with regularity;

c.         To contribute to one cultural event per semester;

d.         To assist at one fundraising event per semester, provided the organization fundraises;

e.         To participate in one committee, if special committees are appointed.

B.        Alumnus Members

This category shall be composed solely of active members who have been graduated or for other reasons have left college. If they re-enroll in school either as undergraduates or graduate students they shall revert to active membership. Alumnus members are welcome at all chapter meetings, but they shall not have the right to vote on matters brought before the chapter nor can they hold office in this chapter.

C.        Associate Membership

Persons who are obviously interested in, and supportive of, things Hispanic may be elected to this category of membership. Members of the college Spanish teaching staff and other faculty members of college administrative officials notably devoted to the goals and ideals of Sigma Delta Pi and who have supported the work of the chapter are generally initiated as associate members. Eminently successful high school teachers of Spanish may be granted associate membership. This class is not open to students, graduate or undergraduate. For associate and all other types of members, the national initiation fee must be paid and the membership certificate and insignia presented during the initiation ceremony.

D.        Honorary Membership

This class of membership will be controlled with utmost care, and chapter advisors and officers shall see to it that no one is elected to it who does not have a national and/or international reputation as a scholar in the fields of Hispanic languages, literature and culture. Significant publication in the field of Hispanic studies is a requirement for this type of membership, and the candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree or equivalent. The national initiation fee must be paid by persons initiated as honorary members and the membership certificate and insignia must be presented during the initiation ceremony. This category of membership is not open to students.

E.         Distinguished Membership

To this class may be nominated members of any profession who have an outstanding professional reputation, who have contributed notably to the dissemination of Hispanic culture on a national or international scale, who have contributed to the improvement of friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech, and who would honor the society by accepting membership. Election to distinguished membership can be made only by the Executive Council. Nominations may be made by the chapter or by a state, regional, or national officer. The nomination must be sent to the National President and must be accompanied by detailed supportive documents. The president may require additional documentation if needed. When the nomination is complete, the President shall forward it to the members of the Executive Council for consideration. A simple majority vote shall be required for election. The national membership fee must be paid for each person initiated as a distinguished member and the national certificate and insignia must be presented during the initiation ceremony.


A.        The officers will be as follows:

1.         A president

2.         A vice-president

3.         A treasurer

4.         A secretary

5.         A historian

6.         A webmaster

B.        The officers shall be elected by the members annually. A special election will be called if an officer is no longer able to perform his or her duties.

C.        The officers’ duties shall be:

1.         President

a.         To preside over meetings.

b.         To supervise all chapter activities.

c.         To organize and direct the annual initiation ceremony.

d.         To maintain appropriate contact with the Center for Student Involvement.

2.         Vice-president

a.         To preside over meetings in the president’s absence.

b.         To aid the president in the organization of chapter activities.

c.         To supervise all publicity for the chapter.

d.         To implement risk management policies.

3.         Secretary

a.         To record and distribute the minutes of chapter meetings.

b.         To send news of chapter activities to the national office.

c. To take attendance at all chapter meetings.

d. To write and send thank you notes when the president requests.

4.         Treasurer

a.         To keep a record of chapter finances in the organization’s binder.

b.         To disburse funds for payment of chapter expenses.

c.         To collect chapter dues from members.

d.         To collect all other monies due, such as the costs associated with attending the initiation banquet and ordering t-shirts.

e. To organize the ordering of t-shirts

5.         Historian

a.         To maintain organization bulletin board by updating it monthly.

b.         To take pictures at organizational events.

c.         To maintain the organization scrapbook(s).

d.         To provide the webmaster with photos.

6.         Webmaster

a.         To update the website weekly, or as required by organization’s events.

b.         To request materials from the members.

c.         To report the status of the website to members.

d.         To maintain the organization’s Facebook presence—at both the chapter and national level.

e. To update the CML department website coordinator on chapter events.

f. To update the chapter website calendar biweekly


A.        Special committees will be appointed by the president or advisor.

B.        Each member will be a member of at least one committee.


A.        Meetings shall be held at least once a month.

B.        Special meetings shall be called by the president or the advisor.


A.        The vote to pass an amendment is set at 3/4 of the members present.

B.        The vote to change the constitution is set at 2/3 of the members present.

VIII.     AMENDMENT I: Risk Management

A.        Risk Management Procedures

1.         The vice president will be in charge of risk management for Sigma Delta Pi.

2.         At the first meeting of each semester the risk management procedures will be reviewed as they are presented in the Student Code of Conduct.

3.         Each new member will submit emergency contact information at the beginning of the semester upon their initiation.  Current members will revise emergency contact information.

4.         In no way will Sigma Delta Pi supply or encourage alcohol consumption at chapter sponsored events.

5.         In the event of violation of policy, the vice president will be responsible for contacting the chapter advisor and/or necessary emergency personnel.

B.        Anti-Hazing

1.         Sigma Delta Pi fully understands and will abide by the anti-hazing policy set forth in the Student Code of Conduct of Truman State University 8.050

2.         Expectations for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive affiliation.

Last updated September 6, 2015