Sigma Delta Pi

Cultural Presentations Spring 2018

In Spring 2018, the cultural presentation topics were chosen based on responses from members on what they would like to learn about!

The first presentation, titled Cultures of Spain was on March 6th. A brief overview about the regions, cultures, landscapes and languages of Spain was given by member Courtney Zalmanoff. Lauren Kammerer then presented on Northern Spain and talked about her experiences studying abroad in Burgos. Next, member and president Allie Hult discussed her study abroad experiences and the culture of Galicia. Finally, Ross Jones presented on a very different culture found in southern Spain, in Andalucia.

The second presentation, held on March 27th, discussed Accents, Dialects and Slang in the Spanish speaking world. Dr. Stacy Bryant and guest presenters talked about their own experience with the Spanish language, and the differences seen around the world.


The third and final presentation of the semester, Biodiversity in Latin America, was held on April 17th. Here, member Courtney Zalmanoff discussed the extremely diverse landscapes and wildlife found in Latin America.