Sigma Delta Pi

Students enjoy presentation on Galician language and culture

On Thursday, November 12, Sigma Delta Pi cápitulo Rho Rho members Connor Madden and Luke collaborated with Truman faculty member Óscar Sendón on the culture and language of Galicia, a region in northwest Spain. The three presenters were qualified as Luke and Connor spent the spring 2015 semester studying in Vigo, one of the largest cities in Galicia, and Prof. Sendón is a native of A Coruña, a prominent city in Northern Galicia.

Luke and Connor discussed the climate, geography, and culture of Galicia, with an emphasis on Vigo, where the two studied abroad. They also discussed their experiences studying abroad at the University of Vigo with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

Professor Sendón spent the last part of the presentation discussing the Galician language, a romance language unique to the region. He highlighted the history of the language, dialectal differences, and the language within a sociopolitical context.

Several students remained afterwards to discuss opportunities to study abroad in Galicia with ISEP.


Special thanks to presenters Luke Bishop, Prof. Óscar Sendón, and Connor Madden.


Those in attendance learned not just about a new culture, but a new language as well!